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Multiple Units

Bombardier Talent - BR 643

The Talent is an articulated railcar with Jacobs bogies. Partially as a result of this, the interior of an entire unit is ...

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BR 646 - HLB

Railcar BR 646 is one of the best selling vehicles for the passenger transport.The railcar DB Class 646 belongs to the ...

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DB 633 - Pesa link

The DB 633 (Pesa Link) is a family of diesel multiple unit trains built by Pesa. Version: 1.0 Developer: RSSLO

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Desiro – ÖBB 5022/BR 642

The Siemens Desiro is a family of diesel or electric multiple unit passenger trains developed by Siemens Mobility, a ...

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Desiro ML - ÖBB Cityjet

The Austrian State Railways (ÖBB) called up the first 100 regional Desiro ML-type trainsets. 30 trains are destined for ...

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DeutscheBahn - BR 423

The Class 423 EMU is a light-weight articulated electric rail car for S-Bahn commuter networks in ...

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ÖBB 4748 - Cityjet Tirol

The ÖBB 4748 Tirol Cityjet multiple units are used mostly for local trains in der Region Tirol. Version: 1.0 Developer: ...

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Regioswinger - BR 612

The BR 612 is a tilting diesel multiple unit of DB. The vehicles are primarily used as a regional express and InterRegio ...

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RW-SLO Vehicles pack

In this pack is 10 vehicles of RW-SLO team. Please read description before you buy it! Version: 1.0 Developer: RW-SLO

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Schienenbus - ÖBB 5081

A railbus is a very lightweight type passenger rail vehicle (typically non-articulated or rigid frame) that shares many ...

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Talent – ÖBB 4024

The ÖBB 4024 is a electric multiple unit railcar manufactured by Bombardier in 2004. After a prototype was presented in ...

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Transalpin - ÖBB 4010

The ÖBB 4010 is a electric multiple unit from the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), which characterized for more than ...

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Wiener S-Bahn – ÖBB 4020

ÖBB class 4020 is a 3 part electric multiple unit operated by the ÖBB, built from 1978 until 1987 as a successor of the ...

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