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Hercules - ÖBB 2016

The Eurorunner family of locomotives are a series of medium- to high-power diesel-electric locomotives built by Siemens for the European market. Introduced from 2002 onwards, they share design characteristics with the successful Eurosprinter range of electric locomotives, also built by Siemens.

The locomotive is designed to be made of as few parts as possible, and is of modular construction, with separate components (engine, electronics etc.) kept in separately fabricated units and are designed to be easily replaceable.

Marketing by Siemens has heavily emphasised the locomotive's energy-saving characteristics, as well as the technology used to reduce particulate emissions.

The locomotives have a supercharged 16-cylinder diesel engine of the MTU 4000 series developing 2,000 kW of power which drive a three-phase brushless alternator. At idle 8 of the 16 cylinders can be turned off, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The three-phase electrical supply is rectified to DC to supply a pulse width modulator, which in turn generates a three-phase electrical supply to the traction motors (which are of the induction type) – the four traction motors are connected in parallel.

Electrical taps from the main DC power supply also provide power to other electronically controlled power supplies, including those that power the cooling fans (also known as 'blowers') at 440 V 3-phase 60 Hz. The power supply for passenger operations (coach heating, lighting etc.) is optional and is located separately under the main frame whereas the rest of the electronic equipment is mounted in the body of the vehicle.

Version: 1.3

Developer: RSSLO

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Minimum system requirements:

Game version: Compatible with Train Simulator 2021 and older.
Vehicles: Vectron – DB BR 193 DC is required to play the included scenarios
Routes: Seebergbahn and Three Country Corner Route are required to play the included scenarios.
Packs: European Loco & Asset Pack is required to play the included scenarios
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo recommended)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0 (ATI Radeon HD3450 or NVidia GeForce 8600)
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard drive space: 350 MB
Sound: Direct X 9.0c compatible
Other requirements: Broadband Internet connection

ÖBB 2016

This add-on requires serious driving knowledge.

  • Realistic and advanced options (advanced and expert knowledge reguired).
  • Realistic sound effects (recorded from the real locomotive). Optimized for EFX / Openall.
  • Realistic cabin wheel/bogie sounds.
  • Realistic traction driving simulation (Real traction data included).
  • Authentic cab.
  • Engine room.
  • Locomotive can operate inside single and double traction (manual setup reguired).
  • Multi language displays.
  • Multi language sound effects changing on display language.
  • Working and controlable MTD display.
  • Working and controlable Zugfunk.
  • Traindistance check.(include mik mik sound effect).
  • Sifa Safety system (Zeit-Zeit-Sifa)(full advanced version).
  • PZB  System. (Modus U ,M ,O ).
  • PZB include advanced operation options.
  • PZB display inside the engine room (setup display for driving regime and brake setup).
  • AFB cruise control.
  • AFB included advanced operation.
  • Brake list included, important data for the AFB setup (manual setup required).
  • Brake test system.
  • Locomotive numbers (manual setup reguired).
  • Highbeam lights.
  • Advanced headlight controls( 5 types).
  • Spring brakes.
  • Contact key switch (reset locomotive data also).
  • Battery Switches inside the engine room.
  • Working mirrors, also manual mirror control.
  • Mirrors with texture effects.
  • 2 Tone Horn.
  • Open / close Cab side windows.
  • Rain effects on the windows.
  • Dynamic cabin light.
  • Dynamic engine room light.
  • Instrument lights.
  • Interval wiper modus.
  • Full motion wiper modus.

Assets needed for scenarios:

European Loco & Asset Pack

Three Country Corner Route


Vectron – DB BR 193 DC

Scenarios are included in English and German language.

RSSLO ÖBB 2016 Passeger Train

Rating: *

Duration: 20 min

Scenario type: Standart scenario

Route: Seebergbahn


RSSLO ÖBB 2016 Freight Train

Rating: *****

Duration: 80 min

Scenario type: Standart scenario

Route: Three Country Corner Route


English and German PDF manuals are included.

Hercules – ÖBB 2016 Update 1.3

  • Working sun blinds.
  • Fixed desk light.
  • Reduced volume of electro motor sound.
  • Fixed emergency brake on throttle lever when you drive with cruise control.
  • Fixed cruise control traction problem.
  • All doors have separated textures.
  • Sound on AI locomotives.
  • Lights on AI locomotives.
  • Train driver on AI locomotives.
  • New train driver.
  • Light fix (distance outside).
  • New traction curve (thanks to SteuerwagenSchmiede team).

Hercules – ÖBB 2016 Update 1.2

  • Fixed wheel, that wasnt turning.
  • Removed emergeny brake on throttle/dynamical brake.
  • Quick drive.
  • Exhaust smoke.
  • Fixed clock on the display when turning off the contact key.
  • Fixed AFB lever.
  • Fixed problem with message (SIFA advance) in scenario editor.
  • Added 2 new scenarios.
  • Sander keyboard key (X).

New sounds:

  • Diesel motor sound.
  • Electric motor sound.
  • Sanding.
  • Compressor.
  • Junction sound.
  • Horns.

Hercules – ÖBB 2016 Update 1.1

  • Bugfix sander.
  • Bugfix inside the lua scriptings, improves the FPS.
  • Texture (inside).
  • Texture (outside).
  • Light texture outside.
  • Added sifa basic (30 seconds acknowledge ).
  • SIFA advance (hold spacebar release every 30 seconds).
  • Switch SIFA basic/advance with SHIFT+S.
  • Added a new dirty reskin.
  • Train brake sensitivity changed.
  • Throttle/dynamical lever sensitivity changed.
  • Cap for UIC cable changed.